What type of hardwood flooring is best?

Hardwood flooring gives you many options for creating a floor that meets all your needs. Durability, lifespan, and a great appearance are all part of a successful experience. And it's easy to create all that and more with hardwood.

One of the most sought-after benefits is lifespan. You'll get more than 100 years from solid hardwood floors with professional installation. But there are even more reasons to choose wood floors for your home.

Start with species

Species is an important decision, whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring. It affects both durability and visual appeal at the same time. In addition, each choice offers a different hardness level, so some are more durable than others.

Consider species choices that have the looks you want and need for appearance. Cherry is an example of beautiful natural color and grain pattern. But oak is an excellent all-around choice for any home.

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Customization options with hardwood flooring

Wood floors are easy to customize, so you can get all the features you want and need. This helps make any unique decor options stand out. Consider customizing options like:
  • Species type
  • Board grade
  • Width and length
  • Stain color
  • Texture
  • Installation layout

Adding a different installation layout can do a couple of things. First, it creates a beautiful layer of beauty. And second, it gives you increased stability in various areas and ways.

Hardwood flooring installation

With any hardwood flooring you choose, every installation must begin with acclimation. This process ensures that humidity levels are the same between product and environment. In addition, it's the best way to start and remove the possibility of damage after installation.

Once you make all your selections, we can give you an estimate on your flooring installation. We can also tell you how long it will take based on your preferences. If there's anything you can do before the team arrives, we'll share that as well.

Remember that daily care ensures the best results for your wood floors. Sweeping and occasional deep cleaning brings the best results. If you need professional cleaning, give us a call.
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